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May 2018

For many, the rains of May bring hunger. Learn how Nathalie’s savings group in Burkina Faso helped her face this challenge. Meet John, whose simple act of kindness during war sparked a lifelong passion for giving and learn how Anna Sagun is bringing new hope to her neighbors in the Philippines.

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April 2018

This month we celebrate new beginnings. Follow Ruth's journey from farmhand to farm owner, learn how Joel is giving his neighbors an easier way to bank, and explore new ways to use data to improve life for small-scale farmers.

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March 2018

To commemorate women’s month and International Women’s Day, we are recognizing women who are pressing for progress. Learn how women's savings groups give women financial independence, meet three women who are inspiring change in their communities, and learn how Santana became a health advocate.

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January 2018

No one should have to choose between medicine and food. Learn how women are managing these tough decisions. And meet Jemali and Aisha, two women who are championing change in their communities.

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November 2017

This month we’re celebrating the breakthroughs and quiet firsts of unheralded women. From Kankuri, who broke tradition by eating with her husband, to Samata, who is building a successful farming business to pass on to their children. And meet Josephine, who changed the way her family managed their health.

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October 2017

In this issue, we celebrated new experiences. In Burkina Faso, husbands came to a savings group meeting to share their appreciation, and a volunteer travel 9,000 miles to support business entrepreneurs in Kenya’s slums. And we also learn how new technology could finally help people in remote communities become "visible."

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