Grameen Foundation in the News


Emily Tucker, CEO of TaroWorks, a Grameen Foundation subsidiary, discusses how organizations that work with the poor can use real-time data collected via mobile devices to test and improve their services and make better decisions sooner.


Speaking at the Global Philanthropy Forum, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts said banks and other financial institutions should ally with NGOs to get a full picture of the products that people actually want and need. 


Grameen Foundation discusses how microfinance providers can balance business needs, technology constraints and the customer value proposition. This is the fifth post in our Next Billion series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital.


Grameen Foundation discusses the challenges in marketing digital-based microfinance services and provides best practices to increase adoption of services. This is the fourth post in our Next Billion Series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital.


Speaking at the 17th Microcredit Summit, Alex Counts noted that microfinance has created an infrastructure around the world that touches most of the villages, hamlets and urban slums around the globe and should be leveraged much more broadly in development. 


Alberto Solano, regional CEO for the Americas, explains how Grameen Foundation is using digital technology to connect farmers to markets and enable them to receive the certifications that are required by large-scale buyers. 


Drawing on its experience in Uganda, Grameen Foundation discusses ways to make it easier for financial services that service the poor to adopt a digital platform. This is the third post in our Next Billion Series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital.


Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman of Janssen Asia Pacific (pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson), discusses his company's work with Grameen Foundation and others to improve health outcomes for HIV/AIDS patients in India through the TAMA project, as well as a new collaboration on Ebola in West Africa.


Grameen Foundation provides risk management tips for adopting mobile solutions in microfinance. This is the second post in our Next Billion series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital. 


Ratan Tata, chairmain emeritus of Tata Groups, one of India's largest companies has made an equity investment in Grameen Capital India, a company cofounded by Grameen Foundation to provide financial and advisory services to social enterprises in India.


Airtel will be working with Plan Uganda to enable savings groups in eastern Uganda to collect and store their funds as mobile money. The groups will use a mobile app developed by Grameen Foundation and Airtel.


A Grameen Foundation op-ed highlights three ways to make mobile money services more accessible and to increase usage among the world's poor.


Grameen Foundation president and CEO Alex Counts says we should look at positive impacts highlighted in recent studies on microcredit and build on those examples to retool the microfinance model.


Grameen Foundation has launched a new blog series on Next Billion that explores what institutions that provide microfinance should do to "go digital." Our first post examines the current landscape of digital finance in the microfinance industry and explores the challenges facing organizations.


Grameen Foundation president and CEO Alex Counts discusses his views on six studies on microcredit that were released by Innovations in Poverty Action and the Jameel Poverty Action Lab.