Grameen Foundation in the News


The SAFE alliance is committed to connecting small farmers of various crops to financing and services that will allow them to expand their production and to strengthen their linkages with higher-value markets. Other founding members include Starbucks, Keurig Green Mountain, and Catholic Relief Services.


Grameen Foundation's new Colombia country director Fernando Henao Velasco will expand the foundation's collaborations with local government, businesses and coops to improve opportunities for smallholder farmers.


Grameen Foundation is listed in New York Magazine's 2015 Gift Guide for charities.


Steve Hollingworth succeeds Alex Counts, who founded Grameen Foundation in 1997.


A new study on financial inclusion by Accenture and CARE International UK cites Grameen Foundation's work with Barclays Bank and Airtel in Uganda to develop a mobile product that links the mobile wallets or informal savings groups to Barclays savings accounts.


Grameen Foundation is one of eight organizations to receive funding to help build resilience among some of the most marginalized communities. The foundation will work with coconut farmers in the Philippines to help them plan for and ameliorate damage to their crops caused by extreme weather.


The EBOVAC-Salone study is the first to asses the safety of a prime-boost vaccine regimen. Grameen Foundation is part of a consortium that includes the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and World Vision of Ireland. 


Grameen Foundation and its team of local and international organizations will help farmers improve productivity, access financial services, expand access to markets, and use early warning systems to reduce crop losses.


Ashley Veasey, chief information officer of Barclays Africa Group, highlights Grameen Foundation's work with Barclays Bank to create a mobile wallet as part of new advances in digital banking that expands access to these services for customers in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Caitlin Burton, Grameen Foundation's manager of institutional relations in Africa, explores how farmers, industry, government, universities and research institutions, NGOs, and donors could collaborate to promote sustainable food production and consumption, and by extension reduce hunger and food insecurity.


The Community Health Nurses “CHN on the Go” app is designed to improve social support and career development for health workers stationed in remote and rural parts of Ghana.


Lisa Kienzle, Grameen Foundation's global director of financial services, writes in the Better Than Cash Alliance blog that providers need to go beyond creating the "ideal" technical product to ensure that the overall service – from marketing and support to the technical interface – is designed to encourage uptake and usage of the product among poor women.


In the article, John Tippett, Grameen Foundation's director of mobile health technology, discusses why it is critical for technology developers to work hand in hand with communities.

(This piece was first published in May 2015 and is reprinted with the permission of Stanford Social Innovation Review)


This aricle cites a 2012 Grameen Foundation paper which explored the challenges women in India faced in accessing and using mobile phones to conduct banking transactions.


One of India's largest companies, L&T Finance has purchcased 26 percent of the Grameen Capital India (GCI), which was cofounded by Grameen Foundation. GCI help social enteprises get funding they need to expand and serve more people.