Grameen Foundation in the News


Ana Herrera, program manager at Grameen Foundation, discusses how we are helping coconut farmers benefits from the Philippines' multi-billion dollar coconut industry.


Writing in Next Billion, Jessie Tientcheu explains how we are helping to integrate economic strengthening activities into programs serving orphans and vulnerable children and their extended families through USAID's ASPIRES program.


Prabhat Labh will help expand Grameen Foundation India's work to bring viable financial services to India's poorest regions.


Ana Herrera, program manager at Grameen Foundation, explains how the FarmerLink project is helping small-scale coconut farmers in the Philippines improve their farming practices and prepare for extreme weather.


Lauren Hendricks, Grameen Foundation's Executive Vice President for Program Strategy and Institutional Relations, and Lee Babcock, Grameen Foundation's Global Director for Agriculture, discuss the role of mobile money in supporting financial inclusion strategies, particularly in fields like agriculture.


Amelia Greenberg of the Social Performance Task Force writes about new efforts to improve measurement of how clients have benefitted from microfinance services, citing work by Grameen Foundation and Grameen Foundation India.


Noting the challenges smallholder farmers face in getting financing for their businesses, the article spotlights ARET, a risk assessment tool developed by Grameen Foundation to help funders better assess farmers ability to repay loans.


Grameen Foundation’s FarmerLink program combines satellite data and farm data collected by mobile-equipped field agents to help coconut farmers increase productivity, deal with crop pests and diseases, and increase the sustainability of their farms.


Noting recent changes in India's monetary policy, Chandni Ohri and Raunak Kapoor say this provides a good opportunity for India's microfinance institutions to transition to cash-lite operations to offer more convenience and saftey for clients and the institutions.


Steve Hollingworth, CEO, Grameen Foundation, and Chandni Ohri, CEO, Grameen Foundation India, explain Grameen Foundation's initiatives to expand access to financial services in India, particularly through the use of digital technology.


In India, up to 95% of transactions are done in cash and more than half of the population does not have a bank account. Chandni Ohri, CEO of Grameen Foundation India, discusses how going "cashless" could benefit poor households.


In its December 2016 issue, Delta Sky magazine explores how Grameen Foundation's work with Musoni Kenya, an all-digital microfinance institution, is helping to expand access to financial services in rural communities.


Chandni Ohri, CEO of Grameen Foundation India, explains why she fights for poor women and her work to expand access to financial services in India.


Colleen Briggs, executive director at JPMorgan Chase & Co. discusses how Grameen Foundation and other organizations are harnessing technology to reinvent traditional business models and offer faster, cheaper, and more convenient financial products and services.


The article examines how mobile data collection and real-time data are serving disenfranchised communities in the developing world as more organizations begin to use tools like TaroWorks, a mobile tool developed by Grameen Foundation, to manage their operations.