Grameen Foundation in the News


In his most recent commentary on the dispute over Grameen Bank , David Bornstein discussed questions that have been raised about microfinance's effectiveness. Writing in the New York Times' Opinionator Blog, he cited several studies, including "Measuring the Impact of Microfinance: Taking Another Look", written by Professor Kathleen Odell as part of the Grameen Foundation white paper series.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts discussed the early years of his microfinance career and his views on the industry's future.


Alex Counts, president of Grameen Foundation, joined David Roodman of the Center for Global Development to discuss the ongoing battle for control of Grameen Bank with WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi.


David Edelstein, vice president of Grameen Foundation's technology programs and director of the Grameen Foundation Technology Center, discusses how technology is being harnessed to provide vital information to poor people and strengthen the work of microfinance institutions.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts advocates for more transparency about poverty reduction to enable microfinance institutions to better demonstrate their value.


In discussing the Reserve Bank of India's call for banks to continue investing in MFIs in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Reuters highlights a new initiative by Grameen Foundation, Grameen-Uameel and Grameen Capital India.


Alex Counts, Grameen Foundation president, discusses recent attacks against microfinance in Bangladesh.

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Jennifer Meehan, Grameen Foundation Asia CEO, speaks to the Financial Times about the need for microfinance to be financially sustainable while staying true to its social mission.

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Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts debated SKS' Vikram Akula on profit-making and social performance measurement in microfinance on NPR's Talk of the Nation.


Nigel Biggar, senior advisor in Grameen Foundation's Social Peformance Management Center, discusses why poverty-focused microfinance institutions should rigorously measure both their social and financial performance.


Camilla Nestor, Grameen Foundation's vice president for microfinance programs, discusses the need for the microfinance industry to get "back to the basics" and also improve social performance measurement to ensure that they are indeed achieving their social mission of helping people move out of poverty.


Alex Counts discusses the challenges of operating microfinance in Haiti and the vital role it is playing in improving lives.


In her blog on NextBillion, Lisa Smith of The William Davidson Institute, discusses some of the potential strengths and perceived possible shortcomings of the five-month-old certification process.  The certification program was formally announced on Nov. 1. 


In this interview with Humanosphere, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts noted that microfinance's social mission differentiates it from other forms of financial services. Grameen Foundation is working with others across the industry to establish a common standard for measuring this social performance. Until then, Counts said "one way for the public or donors to tell the difference is that socially motivated microfinance organizations tend to impose reasonable limits on executive compensations, caps on what investors can make and so on."


David Edelstein, Grameen Foundation's vice president for technology programs and director of its Technology Center, will join other practitioners and academics in information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) arena for the kick-off of a year-long initative being launched by the Humanitarian Centre, in partnership with technology company, ARM.