Grameen Foundation in the News

Source: Humentum (formerly Inside NGO)

There has been a lot of talk in the development sector about mergers and integrations. Bonnie Cockman, Grameen Foundation's CFO shared the organization's integration experience over the past year.

Source: Center for Financial Inclusion Blog

Brigitta Nyawira, a Grameen Foundation program manger in Kenya, discusses the role of technology in helping women access formal financial services.

Source: Next Billion

Gigi Gatti, Grameen Foundation's regional director, Asia, and country director, Philippines, explores the lessons we have learned from the FarmerLink pilot program in the Philippines.

Source: Business Standard

Grameen Foundation India's recent report on low bank usage in India is cited.

Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review

Grameen Foundation's former director of AppLab Uganda, Eric Cantor, writes about risks and mitigation strategies in digital product innovation in the social sector, highlighting some of Grameen Foundation's early experiences.

Source: New Security Beat

Speaking at a conference on resilience hosted at the Wilson Center, Cassie Chandler noted that resilience can be achieved when organizations learn to step back after support is provided to insure that individuals can work autonomously in the long run.

Source: Diginomica

Grameen Foundation is cited for its role in at 2014 discovery workshop that helped MasterCard develop a new digital voucher platform.


A piece on the impact of artificial intelligence on international development cites Prabhat Labh's blog on technology in India as an example of how technology can offer solutions, rather than negatively disrupt industries and markets.


Digital technology can transform India if we harness the insights and earn the trust of communities to develop solutions that build their capabilities and empower them, writes Prabhat Labh, CEO of Grameen Foundation India.


Freedom from Hunger India Trust, Grameen Foundation and local partners helped to improve nutrition and health in Rajasthan by making women more health and nutrition-aware and sensitizing their husbands to gender equality.


In this special show of Cashless Bano India campaign, NDTV India looks at how women can play an important role in driving digital transformation in India.


Gopika Gulati and Gaurav Chakraverty discuss how Grameen Foundation India's collaboration with Sonata Finance is helping to transform women's lives in rural India.


Lauren Hendricks says using female agents can help to overcome social barriers, and in doing so, help women gain more control over their financial lives.


Prabhat Labh writes that now advances in technology, products and channels, and regulatory frameworks have finally brought financial services to the fingertips of millions of people, it's time to do more to ensure poor families can actively use these services to improve their lives.


Lisa Kienzle writes that financial services can give women greater autonomy, and with it the ability to make decisions in the best interests of themselves and their children.