Grameen Foundation in the News

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Prabhat Labh of Grameen Foundation India discusses their use of digital technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, to expand financial inclusion in India.


Grameen Foundation’s Lauren Hendricks and Gigi Gatti discuss the importance of female agents in encouraging other women to adopt digital financial services.

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Grameen Foundation is a project partner in the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index program led by the International Food Policy Research Institute, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Grameen Foundation's FarmerLink program in the Philippines is featured as one of the FAO's e-Agriculture promising practices for its use of satellite data, farm data and mobile-equipped field agents to help small-scale coconut farmers improve their productivity and incomes.

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Grameen Foundation’s Bobbi Gray and Christian Loupeda discuss the valuable role of savings groups in extending digital financial services to underserved communities in Burkina Faso.

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Grameen Foundation's CAN program in expanding access to financial services  in the Philippines.

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In this joint op-ed, Grameen Foundation’s Bobbi Gray and FHI 360’s Ellen Galdava discuss how data-driven agriculture can improve the lives of smallholders farmers.

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Gigi Gatti explains how Grameen Foundation works with neighborhood shops and telecom operators in the Philippines to extend financial services to underserved communities.

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Grameen Foundation and Accenture Labs have developed AI and AR apps to help improve financial literacy in underserved communities.

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Royston Braganza of Grameen Capital India discusses the potential for harnessing capital in India to tackle social challenges.

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Prabhat Labh of Grameen Foundation India calls for a paradigm shift in India that moves financial inclusion from "providing financial literacy to building financial and digital finance capability."

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A Grameen Foundation/Freedom from Hunger India Trust program is helping to reduce malnutrition rates and boost women’s confidence in India.

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Lauren Hendricks, Grameen Foundation’s executive vice president for Program Strategy and Institutional Relations discusses how the organization’s approach to looking at interconnected problems and solutions.

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In an email interview, Prabhat Labh, CEO of Grameen Foundation India, discusses the need for India to think about digital financial inclusion at the level of the ecosystem.

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Prabhat Labh, CEO of Grameen Foundation India, says we need a shift in the cultural mindset, putting the client first and creating better products that meet their goals and aspirations.