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After tragically delivering a stillborn baby, Yvonne was unsure whether she would ever be able to have a healthy baby. She is a seamstress in Ahentia, a small village in central Ghana, where access to basic healthcare is limited. Many local women rely on myths and customs to understand pregnancy, leading them to false and sometimes harmful conclusions.

During her unsuccessful pregnancy, Yvonne did not visit the local health clinic for prenatal checkups. Instead, she used herbal medicines recommended to her by others in her community.

When she was pregnant again, a community health nurse helped her sign up for Grameen Foundation’s Mobile Midwife service (part of our mobile health program called MOTECH). Yvonne received weekly messages with advice timed to her stage in pregnancy. She also received reminders about her upcoming appointments at the local clinic, as well as tips on how to eat healthfully. Her son Daniel was born healthy, and today Yvonne is a proud mother with new hope.

“Mobile Midwife really helped me through my pregnancy and after giving birth,” says Yvonne. “I continue to get helpful information on how to take care of my child. I’ve learned that I should exclusively breastfeed for the first six months.”

When we asked Yvonne if she would like to say anything to Grameen Foundation donors who have helped support Mobile Midwife, she said, “May God bless those who donated to help Mobile Midwife. I’m so happy now to have a baby sitting on my lap.”