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What began as job to make extra money for school has now become a passion for Shubhangi—and is opening new opportunities for women and children in rural India.

A second-year university student, Shubhangi is a trainer with Grameen Foundation’s DIVE program (Digital Inclusion via Education), which was developed with the support of Citi Foundation. She visits different rural villages almost daily to teach women how to access and use financial services over the mobile phones, including how to how to connect to digitally based government services.

Such access is often a breakthrough for women in poor, rural areas of India, who may know little about digital technology or the value of financial services, and who struggle to pay their children’s school fees. 

Grameen Foundation launched the program last year to ensure that India’s women are not left behind as digital technology transforms the country’s financial systems. It is vital assistance that helps women manage their finances and plan for their children’s future.

Shubhangi understands this all too well. Her parents have worked hard to ensure that she and her brother could attend university and get good jobs. The DIVE program helps her give others  the same chance at financial security and a better education, while earning extra money for herself.

She is quickly learning how to walk her clients through the process and allay their concerns.

“People are very cautious when it comes to managing personal finances,” she explained. “At times they feel they might get duped and lose all their hard-earned money and that the youth and women are naive and may fall prey to this easily.”

Just two months into the program, Shubhangi has already earned the “Trainer of the Month” award for her outreach efforts.

“So far the work is well and I am happy to use my free time from college [to do] something productive that is beneficial personally as to well as the society,” she beamed.

#HerBreakthrough in financial services for women means more children are in school.

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