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“SAT4Farming is an opportunity given to farmers,” Peter said. “All the old farms that have been neglected need to come on board so we can see progress in farming all over Ghana."

Peter has been a cocoa farmer in Ghana for 17 years, and as an early adopter of the SAT4Farming program he is already seeing the benefits.

SAT4Farming is a mobile tool that generates digital Farm Development Plans (FDPs), individualized for each farmer. In incorporates assessments of a farm’s environmental conditions such as soil health and water availability, household financing and farming practices.

Peter’s Farm Development Plan immediately noted the need for Peter to cut down aging trees and rehabilitate his land. Although he could not afford to rehab his whole farm, he started with two acres, and he plans to rehab two acres every year until his whole farm is healthy.

“I had to hire people to cut every tree down and do some planting to get the spaces correct,” Peter said. “Each acre cost me 1000 Ghana cedis, but I am already seeing improvement.” That improvement is also coming from following pruning advice and other tailored solutions delivered by SAT4Farming.

The program is also influencing the next generation of farmers.

“My children who have come to observe the farm rehabilitation, are now realizing that the farming is booming,” Peter said. “They have decided that they have to follow suit with what their father is doing.”

His four children now come to the farm every week to help their father.

“Peter is a great ambassador for SAT4Farming,” said Eric, a SAT4Farming field agent and agronomist at Touton. “Farmers around him will see what he has done and follow suit.”