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Burkina Faso

Georgette prefers to work quietly. But her success speaks volumes.

In her community in northern Burkina Faso, the dual threat of parching drought and devastating floods makes is difficult to earn a steady living as a farmer. A few years ago, she turned to a women’s savings group . She knew saving just a few cents each week would help.

It helped more than she could have even imagined. She used some of her savings and a loan from the group to buy a sheep for $500. Then she bought a ram. Now she has thriving flock and regularly sells them during the Ramadan festivities.

Her husband beamed with pride when she used her savings to build the best animal enclosure in their neighborhood. Now Georgette is determined to turn her quiet success into a strong business.

Georgette works with a Grameen Foundation program that connected rural women to financial services and training on agriculture and nutrition through their savings groups. It also facilitates dialogue between spouses and in communities to support greater gender equity. More than 73,000 women have participated in the program. 

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