Harsha Tai, Grameen Community Agent, carries her clients far.

  Bhandara, India
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Meet Lihaba, her husband Shipmau, and their Grameen Community Agent in Bhandara, Harsha Tai.

Harsha Tai is a Grameen Mittra. In Hindi, Grameen means “Village” and Mittra means “Friend.” It is a perfect expression for the way Harsha is transforming her village as a result of the door-to-door digital financial services she now offers her clients. Access to formal banking services is a true hardship in the remote community where they live. It requires walking more than two-and-a-half-miles each way.

For Lihaba, one of Harsha Tai’s clients, the journey was unthinkably difficult. Her husband is partially paralyzed and has dementia; she carries him wherever they go. To get his government pension she would lift, pull and drag him each way of the two-kilometer walk to the bus; after riding the bus ten-kilometers, she carried him to the bank and again back to the bus stop. Lifting and pulling a grown man across a room is more than most of us could do. Lihaba did it for five miles every week. Until Harsha Tai became a Mittra and was able to carry the bank to them. Harsha and Lihaba’s Story

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Smiling farmer with his family

Meet Nana Yaw and his wife Augustina Ansua, clients of Bismark, Grameen Community Agent in Addokrom, Ghana.

Nana Yaw is a lead farmer in his community, enjoying success after years of being “financially handicapped.” His family’s prospects for income, food, and education are secure.

It wasn’t always this way. His children had no health insurance and often were ejected from school because school fees were overdue. As hard as he tried, he could not grow healthy crops. What made the difference? Access to the knowledge and information that large farm holders have. Nana Yaw’s Story

There is much joy in my family as a result of the money I receive in my engagement in cocoa farming now. I am able to provide everything that my family needs.  
— Nana Yaw

Two-way, real-time digital information flow. Delivered person-to-person.

Poverty has lost its upper hand. We can finally win this war.

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