Bringing financial services to the poor, through fingerprints, is only part of the story.

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Komal Madhur

Meet Komal, Grameen Community Agent, and her client Madhuri in Ajimabad, Bhandara.

In India, local Grameen Community Agents are known as “Mittras”, which translates in Hindi to “Friend of the Village.” Nothing could be truer.

Komal brings financial stability to her village with Mobile Money services. Ten feet outside her front door, a neighbor stops her to digitally pay her utility bill. Another ten feet, another neighbor, securing his government pension. And so on, and so on, all day long, everywhere ever she goes. It all happens with a mobile phone and a biometric device that recognizes people by their thumbprints. Often, clients come two at a time, they talk and share.

A year ago, there was no Grameen Community Agent in their village. Everything was harder. Especially for her neighbor Madhuri, who had to walk 6 miles each way, heavy with child, to the bank for her government services money. When Komal introduced Madhuri to mobile money services, a press of a thumb replaced her ordeal and her life changed overnight. Her health improved and so did her ability to save money for her new baby’s education.

Komal is not just a “friend of the village”, she is the glue of the village. Everyone in the village isn't just financially stronger now, they feel closer too and Komal is the reason why. She does so much for everyone and is so kind, she brings people together.

Now we all call Komal Madam to perform all these financial transactions. She does it at our doorsteps and we don't have to travel anywhere. She is always there to help us.  
— Madhuri, Grameen Community Agent client
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Digital Financial Services

Digital financial services
give women a better way
to manage money.

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Community Agents

Digitally-enabled agents connect
their communities to digital financial services
and sustainable farming solutions.

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Digital Farming

High-tech farming supports
give farmers a better way
to grow crop income.

One person can make a real impact.
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Community Agent and client

Meet Joyce, cocoa farmer in Mangoase and her Community Agent Benedicta in Mongoase, Ghana

When Joyce’s husband passed away, she didn’t just lose him, she lost most of their family’s 10½ acre farm. His family took all but 2 acres, giving her land they couldn’t grow anything on. Thanks to Farm Development Plans that translate sophisticated digital data into easy-to-follow plan booklets, Joyce has learned how to prune and fertilize her cocoa trees back to health. She is doing better too, and it feels good to say so. Joyce’s Story

I am very overwhelmed because through the Farm Development Plan (FDP) I am soaring higher and there is no turning back.  
— Joyce, Ghana cocoa farmer

The Grameen Foundation Model for solving poverty: technology with a human face.

Good for women. Good for the family farm. Good for everyone.

Diagram Grameen Community Agents connecting the poor to Mobile Money and Digital Farming tools Diagram of how Grameen Community Agents connect the poor to Mobile Money and Digital Farming tools

Digitally Enabled Community Agents

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Over 14.8 million people
have gained
better access to microloans,
savings accounts, and
other financial services.

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