Global poverty has plummeted to 8.6%. Women like Jenny are the reason why.

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Meet Jenny, Grameen Community Agent.

Also, entrepreneur, caregiver, mother, and wife.

People in Jenny’s community rely on her for life’s essentials. Her sari-sari shop—the neighborhood convenience store—is more than the place to buy canned goods and cooking oil; it’s where everyone meets to catch up with each other and the latest news. And now, because Jenny is a trained financial services agent and access point, she saves women from having to make expensive, long and often treacherous trips to the city to pay bills, borrow money or get government services. Now they have more time and money to spend on their family’s needs and more control over their finances.

Becoming a Grameen Community Agent isn’t just helping Jenny help her community, it is helping her become a better entrepreneur. Jenny’s Story

I have this one fish vendor. I find him funny because every time he passes by to pay his family’s bill, he gives me a thumbs up. According to him, I am a genius for setting up this service in the community because it is very convenient for him.  
— Jenny Gramo, Grameen Community Agent
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Meet Martha, Ghana cocoa farmer, and her Community Agent Selasse.

As a local agent with our partner Farmgrow, Selasse works with about 200 different farm families to develop a farm development plan. Each farm family is unique, and each has its own plan to grow their farming income. Although its recommendations and profit and loss projections are powered by data and digital remote-sensing technology, the farm development plan information itself comes to the farmer low or no-tech. All Martha and her husband need is a basic-feature phone and Selasse. Selasse’s Story

We don’t only look at the individual farmer, we look at the socioeconomic status of their entire household to make sure they achieve their development goals together.  
— Selasse, Community Agent with our partner FarmGrow
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Poverty has lost its upper hand. We can finally win this war.

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We can win the war on global poverty.
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