Fewer than 600 million people remain in extreme poverty. The last mile is digital.

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Meet Melisa, Grameen Community Agent, and Edna, Philippine coconut farmer.

When Melisa registered Edna for Grameen's Digital Farm Development Plan back in October 2016, she knew it would connect the advantages of precision farming to Edna’s small five-hectare plot. What did neither know? Six months later, an early warning system would help save Edna’s farm from a pest outbreak that destroyed 644,000 coconut trees on Mindinao island where Edna lives. Edna’s Story

I’m so happy that this (opportunity) came. It really helps the farmers. I see the result and impact to the farmers. It gives something good to them.  
— Melisa, Grameen Community Agent
How Digital Farming Helps Smallholder Farmers  

Our comprehensive solution set.

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Digital Financial Services

Digital financial services
give women a better way
to manage money.

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Community Agents

Digitally-enabled agents connect
their communities to digital financial services
and sustainable farming solutions.

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Digital Farming

High-tech farming supports
give farmers a better way
to grow crop income.

Put technology to work in the fight against poverty.
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GOAL: Train
more agents
in next three years

Meet Jenny, Grameen Community Agent.

Also, entrepreneur, caregiver, mother and wife.

People in Jenny’s community rely on her for life’s essentials. Her sari-sari shop—the neighborhood convenience store—is more than a place to buy canned goods and cooking oil, it’s where everyone meets to catch with each other and the latest news. And now, because Jenny is a trained financial services agent and access point, she saves women from having to make expensive, long and often treacherous trips to the city to pay bills, borrow money or get government services. Now they have more time and money to spend on their family’s needs.

Becoming a Grameen Community Agent isn’t just helping Jenny help her community, it is helping her become a better entrepreneur. Jenny’s Story

I have this one fish vendor. I find him funny because every time he passes by to pay his family’s bill, he gives me a thumbs up. According to him, I am a genius for setting up this service in the community because it is very convenient for him.  
— Jenny, Grameen Community Agent
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Tracking our progress to end poverty and hunger.

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600 organizations
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More than 600 organizations working with
the world’s poorest populations have
used the Progress out of Poverty Index®
to measure their poverty reduction and to improve their strategies for serving
disenfranchised communities.

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Digitally Enabled Community Agents

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The Grameen Foundation Model to fight poverty: technology with a human face.

Good for women. Good for the family farm. Good for everyone.

Diagram Grameen Community Agents connecting the poor to Mobile Money and Digital Farming tools Diagram of how Grameen Community Agents connect the poor to Mobile Money and Digital Farming tools

Real reasons for real optimism.

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