GPD Gender Power Dynamics Training participants in Palau

Increase the reach of your social impact efforts by breaking barriers for women and girls.

The power dynamics at play in the last mile–harmful gender norms that have been around for centuries–make it difficult for social impact initiatives to take root in the communities they serve.

Whether you are looking to better include women into your supply chains or see women at the last mile as potential customers, this workshop will help you understand how to better reach them.

As an advocate trying to influence behavioral changes, and mindsets, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on how to link my own personal beliefs and values to other people’s.  
— GPD Workshop Participant, Palau

Why should we participate?

Grameen Foundation’s Gender and Power Dynamics Workshop is designed to build organizational awareness and staff commitment to unpack bias and address harmful gender and social norms. It creates the foundation for organizations that want to integrate gender and safeguarding concerns across their entire operations.

The workshop is non-academic, participatory, and accessible, led by trainers with deep experience in the areas you serve.

Who is it for?

The GPD Workshop is designed first for staff in management and leadership roles. We then adapt the training to cascade to other departments after the initial workshop, so that employees from human resources, programs, and other departments can benefit.

How long is it, and what will we learn?

We recommend a two-day, in-person training, and can offer additional halfday workshops tailored to your organizational structure and focus.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll work with participants on the following:

  • How to analyze internal biases related to gender, equity, and diversity
  • The concept of power and the impact of having or not having power in various dimensions of one’s life, such as home, work, or in the community
  • Dialogue techniques that support positive communication, particularly when discussing harmful gender norms and other emotionally charged topics

Attendees will complete the training with an action plan for themselves and their organizations to respond to the priorities set throughout the training.

The workshop was quite unique compared to other trainings on gender, enabling participants to reflect practically – not in an abstract way, helping us to apply to our daily lives in the contexts we are coming from.  
— GPD Workshop Participant, Ghana
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