The Farmer of the Future: Blockchain on 500 Million Smallholder Farms

SXSW Panel Discussion
Hosted by Consensys and Grameen Foundation

The lives of smallholder farmers are a paradox. Although they produce much of the world’s food, they account for most of the world's poor. They are largely locked out of global food supply chains, and unable to build their financial futures or fully contribute to economic growth.

But blockchain could do for smallholder farmers what mobile money has done to empower women in East Africa, enabling the most vulnerable smallholder farmers to have formal financial identities. The benefits of blockchain--including increased security, transparency and traceability--could level the playing field for smallholder farmers.

Attend the Farmer of the Future panel to explore:

  • How blockchain can support smallholder farmers as powerful participants in the global agriculture supply chain
  • Current initiatives and use cases of blockchain in agricultural development
  • Key challenges and tough questions for the use of blockchain in underserviced areas that nonetheless represent the world’s future breadbaskets.

Ashish Gadnis, Co-founder & CEO, BanQu
Tyler Mulvihill, Viant
Nat Robinson, CEO of Leaf Global Fintech
Leo Tobias, Director, Technology and Product, Grameen Foundation

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ethereal Lounge SXSW
87 Rainey Street, Austin

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