Farm Management Plans

In Latin America, the integrated Farm Management Plan is an agricultural management tool used in combination with support of Líderes Productores to embolden smallholder farmers to improve their agricultural productivity. Addressing the smallholder farmer’s information shortage and assisting them in setting achievable goals achieve this. Using relevant real-time data, technical and agricultural training is designed in response to information on farm size, agricultural best practices, farmer attitudes and expectations, agricultural infrastructure, geographic features, and other sociodemographic features. We are able to provide information on crop pests, disease control, alternative treatments, fertilization, organic materials, certification requirements, and best practices are provided. Carried out using mobile devices, individualized training and support will ultimately improve smallholder farmer capacity to attain environmental and sustainability certifications with Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices and other certifications. Improved and strategic certifications exemplify how our solutions can facilitate farmer access to strategic markets, thereby stabilizing crop prices and improving their quality of life.