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Empowering Women

To life up a community, START with the women.

Every day, countless women face the challenge of living on less than $2.50. Grameen Foundation works to empower these women to lift themselves out of poverty. We believe that empowered women will save lives, improve their families’ income, and help the poorest countries build stronger economies.

March is Women's History Month. We work to empower poor women to make poverty history. Women like Milena in Bolivia. After a long illness, Milena had lost all of her savings and found herself homeless, with two daughters to care for and only about $10 to her name. But Milena didn’t give up. Soon she was able to restart her business with the help of a small loan.

There's Chanda in India, who for the first time was able to open a savings account. There's Yvonne in Ghana, who was finally able to give birth to a healthy baby because she gained access to health care information on her mobile phone. And there's Alice in Uganda, who now works as a Community Knowledge Worker, using a smartphone to help the farmers in her village get the information they need to make a better living. These are just a few.

This year, you can make a difference by joining "Team Grameen" as we raise funds to bring more of these innovative solutions to poor women and their communities. Each gift is a boost to the hard work and ingenuity of women around the world.

Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts up to $10,000 will be matched until March 31!

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