Employee Engagement Program

As part of our Corporate Engagement program, your employees will become members of a Grameen Giving Circle. They’ll choose a Grameen Foundation Focus Area as its social mission and an engagement plan that suits its needs. Your Giving Circle Leader will partner with a dedicated Grameen Foundation team member to develop a customized engagement and fundraising plan. This partnership provides a unique opportunity for your employees to develop a deeper, richer understanding of the challenges and opportunities of poor women and families across the globe.

Focus Area

Three focus areas to choose from:

Employee Benefits

Circle members can benefit from a wide-range of activities:

  • In-depth learning on their selected focus area
  • Building and belonging to a community of professional colleagues with a clear social purpose
  • An opportunity to build relationships and grow leadership skills within their organization
  • Networking opportunities with members from other Corporate Grameen Giving Circles around the world, virtually and in person when possible
  • Grameen Foundation provides a trusted philanthropic investment opportunity for employees that address issues often central to their own business pursuits and interests
  • An easy and impactful way to leverage company matching funds when available
  • The opportunity to travel to the field to witness first-hand the issues they care about

For more information, please contact us at info [at] (subject: Tell%20me%20more%20about%20the%20Employee%20Engagement%20Program) or (202) 827-6235