Collaboration with FAO

In 2013, Grameen Foundation signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) that focused on improving farming innovation exchange and strengthening smallholder households to gain better access to agricultural and rural financial services and competitive value chains. This partnership will enhance smallholder farmers’ access to knowledge and technologies for sustainable production and food security through the use of mobile agriculture supported services. 
As part of our collaboration, we co-hosted an online discussion with FAO that examined the future of eAgriculture initiatives. The final policy brief on the discussions was presented at the 2014 World Summit on the Information Society High-level Event in Geneva in June 2014. 

In Latin America, we are working with the FAO on the Committee on Sustainability Assessments (COSA), and Soil & More to develop a new product in the SAFA series, known as the SAFA Small App for smallholder farmers. Using our field networks and expertise in mobile technological development, we will provide feedback and field-testing of the proposed app design. Our work in the initial phase involves translating the survey into a technological platform and collecting data from smallholder farmers in Colombia, which will then be used to create a technical and agricultural capacity building SMS campaign. Collaboratively, we will engage with over 1000 farmers.