Breakthroughs that feed the world

Breakthroughs that feed the world

As hunger rises around the world and progress against poverty slows, new breakthroughs are urgently needed--and fully possible.

We believe the most important breakthrough is that of a poor woman farmer, responsible for feeding her family day in and day out. Smallholder farmers around the world together feed some two billion people.  Women farmers are expected to do the most--with the least access to resources.

When she does better, so do her children and community. Her determination is unmatched. But will power alone is rarely enough. Ending poverty also takes access to resources, and engagement in an empowering ecosystem to support her breakthrough.

Join us in building empowering ecosystems for poor rural women, and celebrate their breakthroughs.

Building Empowering Ecosystems for Poor Rural Women

Our programs and partnerships strengthen essential elements of an empowering ecosystem for women.

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