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Our Insights blog shares lessons learned from leaders in the field; examines efforts to bring resources and services to poor communities; and reviews how poverty-focused organizations are using data for greater impact.

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Savings groups have become a platform for development and an important bridge to financial services for those without access to banks.

05/19/2017 by Sybil Chidiac

As M-PESA, the popular mobile phone-based money transfer service in Kenya turns ten this year, the progress towards financial inclusion in East Africa is evident. In Kenya and Tanzania, it is easier than ever to access financial services with only a mobile phone.

Young people like Racheal will be crucial to ensuring that countries can support their populations in the future. (Photo: Grameen Foundation/Nana Kofi Acquah)

03/10/2017 by Sybil Chidiac

Racheal Derchie is 26, smart and college-educated. Like thousands of young people raised on farms in Ghana, she thought she would move to the city, perhaps to become a banker. But today finds her talking with a farmer on the edge of a field in Brong Ahafo, the breadbasket of Ghana.

Women in Benin.

03/08/2017 by Steve Hollingworth and Kathleen Stack

We take pride this International Women’s Day and celebrate, knowing each of us works daily to empower and embolden women to overcome poverty in their lives. This vision of a world free of hunger and poverty is only attainable if we continue to build opportunity for women.

FarmerLink helps agricultural specialists like Joraphel Tingcayao (l) get more information on farmers' needs.

02/07/2017 by Gigi Gatti and Tina Hipolito

This article originally appeared in Food Tank and is reprinted with permission.

If men are part of the “problem” for women’s access to and use of services—whether intentionally or un-intentionally—then they also have to be part of the solution.

01/19/2017 by Bobbi Gray

Many people consider the book, Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, by Dr. John Gray a classic. While it describes how men and women can better understand and relate to each other, it starts from the premise that men and women are simply from different planets. We don’t think or behave alike. We have different expectations for a relationship.