Muhammad Yunus Calls for World Leaders to Address Food Crisis

May 20, 2008

In a May 16 op-ed piece in the Guardian, Muhammad Yunus issued a call to action to world leaders for more aggressive action in solving the looming global food crisis. Yunus laid out a six-point plan to prevent a humanitarian disaster of world starvation, the potential scale of which has prompted the United Nations to dub it the “silent tsunami.” Key to his plan is the formation of a “poverty and agriculture fund” paid for by a small tax on the sale of oil. The fund would be managed by these contributing nations and used to create social businesses that would be tasked with improving the health care, education and other needs of developing nations.  Read the full article and discuss your thoughts.


I do not support Grameen USA as they portend to be an agency focused on helping people but they don't seem to be capable of treating their immediate neighbors with dignity. After leaving several voice messages I was unable to get a call back from this organization and that was months ago.

I cannot trust a group to treat people with respect half way around the world when they cannot do it several miles away. My money will not be going to these folks as I do not trust their motives.

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