Grameen Foundation ranked #12 NGO in the world

We help poor families strengthen resilience and raise incomes.

June 21, 2016 by Steve Hollingworth

Grameen Foundation received the #12 ranking of 500 of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Geneva-based NGO Advisor has published its rankings since 2012, providing the only global ranking of development nonprofits. Both this year and last, Grameen Foundation rated in the top 20 organizations.

We are honored to be one of a number of top-ranked organizations—among them BRAC, the Skoll Foundation, and Acumen—whose impactful work fights poverty and expands financial inclusion for the world’s poor. NGO Advisor based its rankings on the assessment of three pillars: impact, innovation, and governance, which are comprised of 165 individual evaluation criteria.

As we work to empower the poor, especially women, to strengthen their resilience, raise their incomes and live healthy lives we are thankful to the many organizations and individuals who support our work. Your support changes lives, and we rank you #1.