James Greenberg, Founding Partner, Chairman, and CEO, DevCorp International B.S.C.

Jim Greenberg brings to Grameen Foundation a passion for microfinance, defeating poverty on a massive scale and a focus on India and the Middle East/North Africa.  He currently serves on Grameen Foundation's Board of Directors, is the founding Chairman of Grameen Capital India, is on the Board of Directors of Grameen Jameel Microfinance Ltd., and is the Co-Chairman of the Grameen Foundation Investment Committee.   Not only has Grameen Foundation benefited from Jim's valuable knowledge, seasoned insight and strategic direction, but he and his wife also helped to launch the India Initiative.

Jim has a rich executive and management background in international business.  In 1995 he became the founding partner of DevCorp International B.S.C. (c), a Bahrain-based venture development and investment company with active projects spanning shrimp farming, petrochemicals, light manufacturing, and telecomm/IT.  Jim is currently Chairman and CEO of the company.